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Crossword Solver allows you to solve many types of crosswords and puzzles (See all)

Crossword Solver is a handy tool that allows you to solve many types of crosswords and puzzles created with the Crossword Compiler online applet, as well as XML puzzle files, ".puz" files. You can donwload puzzles from webpages and open sample puzzles that come with the application including an American, barred, cryptic, Italian and some more. The program features a nice and intuitive user interface that can be used by anyone. You can solve the crosswords directly inside the program or print them out for later use. The application allows you to check your answers, reveal a letter or word or solve the entire puzzle. You can even write in pencil if you are not sure about the answer, select the clue font, zoom in and zoom out and save any crossword no matter the progress you have made. With Crossword Solver you will be able to solve standard crosswords, coded puzzles, sudoku and word searches in a snap. From now on, you can surprise your friends, coworkers or whoever providing the solution to any crossword in the world.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Nice and intuitive user interface
  • Free
  • You can download crosswords from websites
  • Includes samples


  • You cannot create your own puzzles
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